Interview Process

Preparation, preparation and preparation!

There is no excuse these days in not researching and preparing for an interview. Your recruitment consultant should give you inside information on the firm, personalities of interviewers and what they are looking for. The internet is your friend. There is so much information on firm’s own websites and resource materials that you would be foolish not to properly prepare yourself as well. Firms expect it.

Competency based interview

You will be asked questions about dilemmas you have faced in your professional and personal life and how you approached and overcame them. It can cover anything from conflict management to delegation. If you look for “competency based interview questions” on the internet there is a wealth of information there for you to practice with!

Technical based interview

Expect to be grilled. You are, as an IT professional, expected to be up to date with the IT, IT trends, legal IT news and wider issues affecting the profession. Make sure you are up to date with relevant news and changes in your chosen field and consider how pending policies, software releases and law changes might impact.

Scenario based interview

You may be given a case study to read whilst sitting outside the interview room. They can cover abstract IT problems where there is no right or wrong answer – they are designed to see how you logically work through problems. Others can throw up ethical or moral dilemmas. Your recruitment consultant should have established the interview procedure for you in advance of your interview but be prepared to expect the unexpected!

Interview Questions

Prepare several questions for you to put to the interviewer at the end of the interview in case they have not covered points you wanted to raise during the interview. Avoid asking about things the agency will be able to answer for you (like number of holidays, benefits, salary) and concentrate on intelligent issues such as how they see their IT strategy and spend developing over the next 2 years


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